1) ADJ-COMPAR: ADJ n, the ADJ of n You use lesser in order to indicate that something is smaller in extent, degree, or amount than another thing that has been mentioned.

No medication works in isolation but is affected to a greater or lesser extent by many other factors...

The more obvious potential allies are Ireland, Denmark and, to a lesser degree, the Netherlands.

Lesser is also an adverb.

...lesser known works by famous artists.

2) ADJ-COMPAR: ADJ n, the ADJ of n You can use lesser to refer to something or someone that is less important than other things or people of the same type.

They pleaded guilty to lesser charges of criminal damage...

He was feared by other, lesser, men.

3) N-IN-NAMES Lesser is used in the names of some species of birds, animals, and plants.

...the lesser spotted woodpecker.

4) the lesser of two evilssee evil

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